11 Bizarre Inventions You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

Our modern world is full of useful, clever, and ingenious inventions…and then some that are just downright weird. we reveals some of the oddest inventions out there which have to be seen to be believed!

1. Portable toilet paper dispenser

2. Duck-billed muzzle

Need a cute alternative to a muzzle for your mutt? Look no further! This invention will keep your dog from biting, while at the same time making it look more harmless to other dog walkers in the park. Just keep an eye out for confused ducks around the pond.

3. Baby mop romper

4. Noodle splash protector

5. Grass flip-flops

6. Ostrich pillow

7. Scooter-stroller hybrid

8. Full-body umbrella

9. Butter grater

10. Fish tank toilet

A Chinese firm has come up with the perfect solution for pet-loving families who don’t have the space to keep animals: the fish tank toilet.

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