These 10 Incredible Things Are Not Safe To Search On Google

Google is a powerful search engine and has offered a wonderful experience over a period of years. Today, it is one of the most widely used and favorite search engines across the world. Whenever something enters our mind, the first thing that comes to our head is to Google it. But some things are not safe to search and Google also keeps track of everything that you search online.

Still, could not make out what we are talking about? Well, just go through below ten things that you should not search on Google

Making of Bomb

With the increase in crime across the world, the unusual searches like how to build a bomb are easily tracked and you can land into a trouble.

Killer Kids

Be ready to come across a string of disturbing things if you search for Killer Kids. They are innocent and imagining them as Killers is impossible.

Look For Yourself

If you plan to search for yourself or any of your friend or relative then you can get a lot of other people who can have the same name as you searched for. Some might take you to places you never thought of.


This disease is due to fear of objects with a cluster of holes. Some people try to check if they are phobic and end up regretting with such search.

Don’t Google For Medication

Don’t become a doctor by just googling around for medication. If you are not well please visit a doctor.

A Smoker’s Lung

There are many smokers out there in the world and if you have the same habit then you would not like to see the effects on your body.

Skin Infections

It would be a terrible sight to watch pictures of people suffering from skin infections and conditions. Be sure to not regret later on.

Dangerous Crab

The coconut crab exists in Palm trees and can easily eat up your brain in no time. That’s too horrific!

A Book Titled ‘BEAR’

That’s a book based on a real story of a young lady’s affair with a bear.

Tub Girl

After searching this, all that you will see is a girl on girl in a shitty golden tub full of feces.

Do you think there are other things which can be added to above list? Share with us in the comments section.

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