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Here are the top ten things shaped like a vagina


1  Vagina Flower

10 Things Shaped Like a Vagina

This plant is called venus flytrap. It carnivorous it depends of files and other small insect, many botanists realized that it looks like a vagina, that why they added venus to it named,

This plant is having hair like cilia and a pink colure interior, also secretes lube called mucilage. Lubes help this plant for hunting, just think  of female vagina that have teeth inside. It so angry!

2  The Vagina Stadium

10 Things Shaped Like a Vagina

Qatar will be hosting the World Cup in 2022. In 2013, they remove a covering from  its massive epicenter — .

Just have a look at this picture  — with its beautiful, shiny, pink, tinge, its labia-like side appendages, and its having a large opening in the middle .people of  Qatar claim’s that  it’s shaped like a old Qatari dhow boat, but most of the people and media are crying for vagina
what’s your opinion?
3  The Vagina Pizza

10 Things Shaped Like a Vagina

In 2o15, rugby world cup, all sorts of homages were here. Supermarkerts put special discount offers on all deals for beer, it was a good time for the sports fans still morrisons plan to release a rugby shaped pizza, morrisons did not think too much on the shape of their new pizza. Many sports  fans spotted pizza shape in resemblance to the female vagina. Social media reacted and called this as nsfw part of female anatomy. Some people were slightly confused and other enjoyed the situation,
Now  — Is it a Vagina or a rugby ball? You are the decision maker

4  Vagina Dress

10 Things Shaped Like a Vagina

Sam bought went for shop and bought a dress, she asked her husband to have a look at her new dress, her husband pointed out that it looks like a bunch of vaginas, after this she never saw it in the same way again. Just after that sam posted this picture on her blog named “school mum” where hundreds of

People agreed with her husband’s observation and became 2015’s biggest viral picture resembling to vagina

5  Vagina Strawberry Bread

10 Things Shaped Like a Vagina

Here is an other picture of strawberry cream bread, marketed as “cherry blossom shaped”. This strawberry resembles to vagina or cluster of vaginas. This strawberry is made with association between holographic superstar “hastsune miku” and family mart which is japan’s biggest and best store,

6 Vagina Inflatable Slide

10 Things Shaped Like a Vagina

This is pirate themed slid, your beloved little ones may be a year older, will not understand this slides, you can easily point out that this slides resembles to vagina,

7 Vagina Couch

10 Things Shaped Like a Vagina

Someone is trying to sell this custom made couch “$20,000”  on craigslist in troy, michigan. Most of people call is a vagina couch, if you look at it carfully they are definitley vaginas, almost five of them and if you add the two end halves togather, will have the sixth vagina,

Vagina Playground

10 Things Shaped Like a Vagina


One day a dad took his son for outing, just a couple of mints he found a weird shape contraption, he post this on facebook and wrote frank Ronald 38 “vagina play equipment, you will find it only in campbeltown. Frank Ronald and his son play daily at park near the promenade in campbeltown. Soon he realized the shape of new rope climbing frame, if you look at it, it’s really like a vagina in shape.

Vagina Rock

10 Things Shaped Like a Vagina

In the north of Guangdong province in china, mountains named as Danxiashan, it is well known for its distinctive red appearance and also called naked play park, this rock cave is exactly like a vagina, its shap is just like a “naked sleeping beauty”

10 Vagina Worm

10 Things Shaped Like a Vagina

Under the deep sea bristle worms are found, if you have a macro camera lens, will find that it exactly look like ——–vagina!!

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