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10 Psychology Hacks To Impress A Girl On WhatsApp

WhatsApp doesn’t need any introduction. Billions of people are using it to communicate with their friends and family.

There are some people, who use it as a tool to stay connected to their loved ones. Some have found their true love using it while there are others who fail when it comes to making a proper impression when they’re talking to a girl on WhatsApp.

There will also be times when your girl would not respond to your texts or will be replying late, but don’t worry, you’re not the only one. Almost every man faces it.

Here’s how you can make her wait for you to come online on WhatsApp

1. Don’t feel shy, INITIATE!

Lets’ start with the basics first. Initiate the conversation or someone else will. Never feel shy to talk to her on WhatsApp. Always be the first to send her morning texts.

2. Be yourself, CONFIDENT!

Women love a confident man. She may not talk to the most handsome guy in the crowd, but she’ll be choosing the confidence above all. She must know, who you are before she starts trusting you.

3. Don’t annoy her, keep PATIENCE!

You’ve initiated the conversation confidently, but is she still not responding? Don’t bother. Give her some time; She might be busy doing something important.

You know there’s one thing about women, they’ll always sleep when they have replied everyone unless you’re behaving like a jerk and continuously annoying her.

It’s not your fault; they’re built-in jerk allergic.

4. Don’t talk to her, TALK ABOUT HER!

Just one simple rule: “When she’s chatting to you, talk about her and when you’re chatting with her, talk about her.”

They like talking about themselves a lot, but it doesn’t mean they’ll ignore your life.

5. Make her feel COMFORTABLE!

Girls may forget what you said, but they’ll never forget how you made them feel. Language is the best way to convey emotions. Become someone who is always a fun to talk with. Choose your words wisely while chatting.

6. Do things for her, UNEXPECTEDLY!

Do little things for her when you’re chatting. Make her smile, laugh. Don’t just talk all the time. Exchange views on broader things and something which doesn’t have a conclusion, for instance, Universe, etc.

7. Compliment her GENUINELY!

Talk to her about her favourite food, places, movies, music, books, profession, but while doing all these discussions, don’t forget to give her some genuine compliments about her looks, dresses, etc. Be genuinely interested in chatting with her.

8. Always be the last person to WISH HER!

“Girl love surprises, surprise her often.”

Always be the last person to wish her on special occasions and birthdays.

9. Do not be available ONLINE 24X7!

It might send the wrong message. Firstly, she’ll think that you’re very unprofessional, lazy, and have lots of free time to waste it on social platforms. Secondly, she may believe that you treat every girl the same.

Talk to her not more than an hour, but your impact and words should surround her always.

10. These Psychology hacks will help you.

Remember to give her some space to breathe, appreciate her interests and friends. Be cool.

Follow the tips that mentioned above, and it will help you leave a good impression on a girl that matters you the most.


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