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A dry skin appears lifeless and dull due to insufficient moisture. On the other hand, a skin that is well hydrated glows and demonstrates a healthy look. Prolonged dryness of the skin causes wrinkles to develop at an early age. Wrinkled, dry, and rough skin makes you to appear aged. Furthermore, cracked, and dry skin can be a haven of microbes that can result to fungal infections. And an extreme drying of skin can cause dry eczema.

The oil glands that are underneath our skins make our skin to be smooth and soft. When these glands fail to produce enough lubrication to smoothen and soften the skin, it becomes dry.

There are common factors that make your skin to dry such as the dry and cold weather of winter, nutritional deficiencies, genetic factors, using harsh soaps, swimming in chlorinated water, prolonged bathing in hot water, use of harsh cosmetics, and chemicals among others.

A proper care should be put in place to ensure the moisture level is maintained to prevent drying. This will give you a healthy and young look. There are over-the-counter creams but at times they worsen the condition. Use these tried natural methods and you will thank me later.


If your skin is itchy and scaly, milk can wonderfully help. According to Treehugger, milk is a fantastic source of nourishment to your skin since it contains anti-inflammatory properties that calm itchy, dry skin. To apply, blob a washcloth in milk and blot on your skin. Give it five minutes to settle and rinse it away. Be sure, your skin will repair!


There are innumerable skin benefits of honey. It does not only purify the skin of detrimental bacteria, but also contains soothing properties that help to repair scratched skin. Honey works as a moisturizer. Take raw honey and apply to the damaged area and give it about ten minutes to settle before wiping it away.


An article from beautymunsta shows that mayonnaise is rich in oils and eggs. This is good news for your dry skin! It contains natural hydrating properties which will help preserve the moisture. It only requires a tablespoonful of mayonnaise and leave it on your skin for about fifteen minutes and it softens your skin.


Yogurt has many benefits for your skin. It has anti-inflammatory properties which help to relieve dry skin. It also contains lactic acid which removes bacteria and germs which cause dry skin. To use it, cover your face, feet, and hands with yogurt and allow it to settle for about ten minutes.


The vitamins and fatty acids contained in avocado can help replenish the skin. Avocado has high content of vitamin A which can help repair the skin and also keep it smooth. To use it, crush an avocado, apply to the troubled area of your skin and allow it to settle for about ten minutes. For it to be effective, make an effort to use it daily.


Coconut oil moisturises the skin gently. It is helpful in repairing a dry skin since it is rich in fatty acids. To use it, apply enough of it before you sleep and let it settle overnight before you wash it away in the morning. Your skin will become smooth and soft.


It functions as a gentle exfoliate. An accumulation of dead skin cells on your skin can make the skin not to get proper supply of moisture making it dry. Take a few tablespoonful of oatmeal and mix it with water to make a paste. Gently, apply it on your damaged skin to get rid of dry cells.


Aloe Vera has a soothing effect on damaged and dry skin. It contains rich antiseptic and antifungal properties which works to repair damaged skin and also forms a coat of a thick gel on your skin thus providing a protection layer.


For extreme dryness of skin, drinking much water is recommended. However, it should be noted that drinking water should never be substituted with applying a moisturizer.


When you slather your skin in shortening and covering it overnight it gets moisturised. In order to prep your skin, soak in a warm bath up to when you become pruned. To reduce the mess in your bed, cover the skin with pyjamas and socks.


Prevention is better than cure! Be mindful of how you treat your skin. It is a wonderful resilient organ; however, it is sensitive and delicate to external stressors. Moreover, ensure your diet is nourishing your skin cells. Try foods that are rich in fatty acids such as fresh salmon, olive oil, eggs, and mackerel. Take plenty of fresh water!

If suffering from dry skin, do not worry! Try any of these natural moisturizers and your dry skin will be restored.

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