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10 Most Expensive Scams Of India

Scams, corruption and frauds are nowadays a common thing in India. Almost everyday, every newspaper’s front pages are mostly filled with news related to scams, corruption.  Let’s take a look at 10 of the most expensive scams in recent Indian history. Before I start please know that the following scams are not in any kinda definitive order.

1. Coal gate (2012) –

CAG found that coal mines were not auctioned but inappropriately distributed to only some specific companies. This scam costed the nation a whopping Rs.1,85,900 crore.

2. 2G Spectrum Scam(2008) –

Spectrums were auctioned at values lower than that of the market value and costed India Rs. 1,76,000 crore.

3. Commonwealth Games Scam (2010) –

Organizing the game costed central govt. Rs.70000 crore but it was later found out that only half of the total amount was actually spent.

4. Saradha Scandal(2013) –

Only two words to sum this scandal up – “Chit Fund.” It costed the peoples of West Bengal and Odisha a whopping Rs. 40000 crore.

5. Maharastra Irrigation Scam –

This scam costed the peoples of Maharashtra Rs. 35000 crore.

6. Delhi Airport Land Scam(2012) –

Due to a deal between Airports Authority of India and Delhi International Airport Limited for lease of land, Indians lost 1.63 lakh crore.

7. Ultra Mega Power Saving –

CAG reported that Reliance Power Limited got a benefit of Rs. 10000 crore in this govt. run project.

8. Vyapam Scam(2015) –

Vyapam scam is a scam related to recruitment for various govt. jobs and admission to various govt. institutes in Madhya Pradesh. The scam amounted to Rs. 6,300 crore.

9. NRHM Scam –

In this scam of Uttar Pradesh, top politicians looted about 10000 crore rupees from National Rural Health Mission.

10. Stamp Paper Scam –

Amounting to a total of 20000 crore rupees, this scam involves Abdul Karim Telgi and many government officials who sold duplicate stamp papers to many companies, banks etc.

From the above posts, you can clearly calculate how much money this nation lost just from 10 scams. Now imagine how much scam related news you hear everyday and what will be total amount involving all those scams. Do comment below.

source: toework.in

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