10 Iconic World Cities And How They’ve Changed Over Time

Do you ever feel like time is running away too fast? That you are growing up too quickly and you do not have enough time for anything? It’s true. Life, after all, is short. With each day, more and more changes are taking place around us, and often we fail to notice them. It is necessary that every once in a while, you stop and look at the beauty around you. So to cherish, we bring to you an awesome compilation list of some of the most amazing transformation of cities.

Here is a major throwback! You’ll be amazed by how much has changed:

1. Singapore: The 1960s v/s The Present

2. Hong Kong: The 1960s v/s Now

3. Fortaleza, Brazil: 1980 v/s 2017

4. Shanghai, China: 1990 v/s the Present

5. Toronto, Canada: 1930 v/s Today

6. Seoul, South Korea: 1950 v/s 2017

7. Nairobi, Kenya: The 1960s v/s the Present

8. Beijing, China: The 1940s v/s Today

9. Melbourne, Australia: 1920 v/s 2017

10. Dubai, UAE: The 1980s v/s the Present

All these pictures simply give you a simple realization: that time is flying away too fast. If we won’t stop to bask in the beauty every once in a while, we will forget how to live. One day, when we grow old and weak, we will realize that we forgot to live life to the fullest.

Either way, these are some of the most brilliant and stunning aerial shots taken of these famous cities. It is amazing to see that how fast the world is changing!



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