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10 Crazy Camping Tips That Will Make Your Camping Easier And More Fun

Camping is a great way to relax your mind from the hectic schedule. No doubt, camping is so much of fun but it also requires a lot of preparations. No matter how much you try not to forget the essentials, there’s always one or the other thing that you forget at home. Here are some great camping tips that you haven’t used before.

Use Orange peel as an oil lamp

Do not throw the orange peels as they can make a great oil lamp. Pour some oil in the center. Moreover it”ll smell good too.

Handy tic tack spices storage

Recycle your tic tack containers and use them to carry spices. This will save you from carrying bulky containers of spices.

DIY Soap pouch

Hygiene and camping? Turn this impossible into possible by using DIY soap pouch. cut your old towel and sew them in small pouches to carry soaps.

Accessories holder turned outdoor Kitchen organizer

We all have at least one accessories holder in our home. Turn anyone into an outdoor kitchen organizer.

Turn your muffin tray into a drink holder

Obviously, they make delicious muffins but you can turn your muffin maker into a drink holder.

Protect toilet paper

You may come across a situation where you accidently pour water on your toilet paper. or it may rain. So, to protect your toilet paper from getting wet. Recycle a can, put the toilet paper in and cut a slit to run the paper out of it.

  A ceramic mug makes a great speaker

You don’t need to carry your bulky speakers. Turn your ceramic mug into a speaker by putting your phone in it.

Pack a cooler like a pro

The more space you save, the more will be a room for all your favorite items.

Cut soaps into thin slices to conserve them

This is one of the most efficient camping tip. Instead of carrying one bar of soap, cut them into numerous slices. because we know how much it sucks when you lose one bar of soap.

Preserve your valuables in a soap

If you are camping with several people, this is a tip you can use to protect your valuables.

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