13 Psychological Tricks For Getting People to Do Just What You Want

Psychology is a very tricky subject to deal with especially when It involves the human mind. It deals with the roots and corners of one’s brain which is a very complicated organ and definitely, not easy to trick. Psychology in all actual honesty is the research that is heavily based on one’s mental activity and hence, there’s nothing tangible to work with except for those concepts that need to be applied under very certain conditions and nailed down precisely. That being said, the overall enigmatic nature and openness of the human psychology is what makes it so interesting.

Want to know what it’s all about?

Here are a few psychological tricks that will work on anybody and henceforth, enabling you to bend one’s mind to your own will.

There are many psychological tricks that allows one to play with the others mind and create a certain atmosphere of illusion. One of these tricks is relaying the source of information to make people take the words coming out of their mouth more seriously. People tend to take information more earnestly when someone relays the source and starts with the words “Scientists have discovered that………..” or probably go with the scheme “After considerable research…………” etc. It’s basically very easy to relay the source of information to attract someone’s attention and bend their thinking in whatever direction you want!

No one likes a stalker and if you feel like someone is following you or someone might be keeping an eye on you, then there is a very simple way to know if you’re being stalked. If you’re sitting in a classroom or a public place and feel like as if, someone is keeping an eye on you then you need to pin them down in your head and take a long yawn. Yawning is very contagious and if you yawn, there is a 60 % chance someone looking at you might yawn and it will definitely be under your notice. Another way is looking at the sky, anyone who is keeping an eye on you might look up to see what you’re trying to observe and they can easily be caught if you instantly change your line of vision. Gotcha!

Our mind tends to work under certain neural pathways and it’s certainly possible to trace ones notioned down. When you’re playing a game of rock, paper and scissors then ask your opponent a question right before you start. Keep on doing it and note down the results without keeping him under any sort of notice. Our mind tends to work in mysterious ways and there’s a 80 % chance one’s mind makes association with a certain question or the habit of a question before the game; so the probability of what he will choose increases. For example, when you ask a question before a game, a person will almost always choose scissors. Thank us later!

It is very much possible to tame ones neural pathways by forming an association with certain decisions under various circumstances. All it takes is observation and a little bit of effort. For example, if you sneeze or cough before going to a certain place, the name of that place will form an association with others brain and every single time you cough or sneeze, your mind will trigger – eventually resulting in that idea floating on the service. All in all, it is easy to tame ones neural pathways by forming associations.

According to the Zeigarnik Effect, people tend to remember uncompleted or interrupted tasks better than completed tasks. This is a very useful psychological trick especially if you’re trying to forget a song that has been stuck in your head since a long time now, endless struggle of forgetting your memories or trying to divert your attention from something. A song can be on repeat in your head or just want to get something out from your head, think about the ending of the track or what you’ll do after what’s in your head, is done.

As dictated by the Zeigarnik Effect, your will continue to contemplate about tasks that have been left unfinished – so if you think about the finishing of the song, you’ll be able to get it out of the system and same goes for the aforementioned problem.

Suffocation is basically a psychological problem. Some people have a very resilient and trained mind which tends to get them out of any situation and basically, well-trained to survive. While some are not as fined tuned as others and even feel suffocated during small crowds. One of the most basic psychological tricks to get out of such things and avoid suffocation is by fooling your own mind. For example, the best way to get through a crowded area is to think and look forward to your final destination. Suddenly, a walkway will open in your head and you will somehow feel very light headed and relaxed. In crowded areas, people join the flow and it often gets suffocating which makes it nearly impossible for them to function. Our advice? find a few because it’s always best to keep yourself light headed.

It’s been psychologically proven that if you want to avoid a fight or anticipate someone badmouthing you in front of others or talk bad about you then you should sit beside them, in a professional setting. This is a proven winner and works in almost 90% of the cases. It is much harder to speak poorly of someone who’s in close proximity to you and it’s sure to get you out of tight situations – as people tend to take it lightly and are often more relaxed, when you’re sitting close to them. It can basically change the outcome of the overall situation you were actually expecting.


If you’re really into someone or feel as if someone is low and you wanna help them out, then the first step of doing that is to make them open up to you. It’s often hard to get someone to open up to you especially when people have trust issues and other related stuff. However, there is a certain psychological phenomena involved that makes things easier. The first step is asking them a question and once they’re finished answering you, ask another one and pause for a few moments while looking into their eyes for a few seconds during the pause. This will subconsciously urge them to keep going and sort of create an atmosphere of trust and understanding.

If you ever feel like someone is hiding something or went through a hard phase of life but isn’t willing to talk about it, you should stare at them every few minutes and stay silent during the stares. Doing this will create an illusion in the other persons head that you somehow know something about what they did or you’re ,somehow, aware of what’s going on. This illusion often makes the person confess or willing to talk it all out. This is a proven psychological winner especially, if you’re someone who is close to the other person under question.

If you really want to connect with someone and make things open and more easier then you should follow this easy psychological advice. When you’re having a conversation with someone, try to pay attention and pick out certain words that are repeated by them and include them in your own conversations. Show positive affirmation to their speech like a nod, a smile or some sort of appreciation. This not only makes conversation with the other person easier but also helps in creating a good bond and understanding between two people; especially, when it comes to professional work-based relationship.

If you’re really tired or maybe carrying a lot of load and have a friend nearby, then you should probably follow this psychological advice. You should start a conversation and then in between, ask your friend to hold the load with you or for you while continuing the conversation. It’s a psychologically proven fact that some people will carry the load without even thinking and hence, it’ll get your job done with ease.

If you’re a struggling mom and often find it hard to feed their children quality healthy foods then this is the best trick for you. When telling your kids about the food, ask them how many slices of asparagus would they like. This way you’ve already made a choice and they’ll feel like they’re getting an amazing deal by selecting the amount of asparagus they want. This is a great trick to confuse the mind and getting your job done with ease.

If you want to add credibility to what you are saying, you just need to throw in a ‘my father told me so.’ People often tend to trust motherly advice intrinsically. This is a great psychological trick especially when you’re giving advice to someone or probably just want to bond with a fellow person.


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