Look at Your Right Hand and Choose the Palm Like Yours and Let’s Find Out Your “Love Line”

oddmenot.com made this test to let you find out what your love line is. Enjoy!


If you choose:


Palm A:

You’re a sexual bombshell!

You’re an attractive person and people find you to be an exciting and energetic lover! When it comes to sex, people find you intoxicating! You’re a real thrill all around and you can’t help it… you were born this way!



Palm B:

You’re a sexual genius!

If they gave out Nobel Prizes for sex you’d win every year! You’re naturally a master at sex and know exactly the right thing to do at all times… you can’t help but be amazing in the sack!



Palm C:

You’re naturally a master of sex!

The universe blesses us all with different gifts and it seems you’ve been granted amazing bedroom abilities! Being intimate with you is the best thing that can possibly happen to a person!



Palm D:

You’re a thrilling lover!

People are shocked, moved, and excited by how attractive and passionate you are! Your sexual talents are so fantastic that being with you is the best thing that can happen to a person!



Palm E:

You’re an exciting lover!

Loving and being with you is the most amazing experience someone can have in this life. You were born knowing exactly how to love, and we mean mentally, spiritually, and physically.

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