Choose Among the Couples You Think Will Eventually Get Divorced and You’ll Know How Long Your Marriage Will Last

It’s always been like that: couples ask each other how long their marriage will last. Some may say, “for a lifetime.” And that’s what everyone wants, right? Well, we will give you this test wherein you’ll know how long your marriage will last by choosing which among the couples you think will eventually get divorced.

Choose Among the Couples

If you choose:


Couple 1:

Your marriage will last for 50 years.

Love is a beautiful thing, don’t you think? And you will find a love that is true, rare, and beautiful. You and your spouse will have a love so pure that it will stand the test of time! You and your current spouse or future sweetheart will be together for 50 years! How romantic!


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Couple 2:

Your marriage will last for 72 years.

Your marriage is absolutely incredible. You and your spouse will eventually grow into more responsible and caring individuals. You will share each other’s heartaches and happiness. Your marriage will be an example for your children that they’ll follow for the rest of their lives.

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Couple 3:

Your marriage will last for 35 years.

Your marriage will have its ups and downs. And you and your spouse are the ones who’ll take care of it. You will encounter tough times and either of you might give up and either of you also will save it from destruction. Each of you will become tough and will become more responsible enough of your future actions as husband and wife and parents to your children.

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Couple 4:

Your marriage will last for 20 years.

Marriage is sacred. It is of great importance to cherish and embrace its sanctity. Your marriage will last for 20 years because your bond as a couple is not yet as strong as it should be. You will face hurdles and challenges that may destroy your marriage. Just always remember not to give up and fight for what’s right.


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