TOP 10 Richest men in India

TOP 10 Richest men in India: As you might know every year Frobes makes a list of world richest persons. You will be amazed that Indians have also been nominated in the list. As usual Bill Gates remain the richest man on the earth though he has little decrease in his wealth of about 4 billion.   He has be on top of the list for consistently three years with record of 17 out 22. Coming back to India have a look at the list mention below to know the richest man in India.


Richest Man in India

 1. Mukesh Ambani

Well the one and only Mukesh Ambani  has been declared the richest person in India, with wealth of 16.7 Billion. 

richest man in India


     List of Richest people in India

2. Dilip Shanghavi

Richest man in India


3. Azim Premji

richest people of India


4. Shiv Nadar



5. Cyrus Poonawala



6. Lakshmi Mittal


7. Uday Kotak


8. Kumar Birla

richest man in india

9. Sunil Mittal


10: Kumar Birla


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