The Way You Hold Your Bag Reveals A Lot About You!

Everyday habits that we do actually says a lot more about an individual then we think ! Talking about habits today we will reveal what type of personality do you possess on the basis the way you carry your bag!

Oddmenot suggests taking a simple test that will probably surprise you. Just pick the figure that carries a bag the way you do, and then read the result below.


1. Behind your back

If you prefer a backpack, you’re probably always ready for adventure and prepared to go at any moment. You’re also very considerate of things and other people alike, making you a person others willingly follow.

 2. In your hand

If you firmly hold your belongings in your hands, complete and utter control over everything is your motto. You love being informed of everything and always have your own opinion. You’re able to tell others the whole truth about themselves — if they ask, that is. Your reliability is legendary.

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