It turns out that traveling makes us far happier than any material wealth ever does

Why do we head for the retailers with such dedication as soon as we have cash in our wallets? With each new purchase we really feel a little happier, however a few days later that satisfaction is usually gone with out a hint. We  determined it was time to get to grips with this problem once and for all, and to make sense of how we can all discover true happiness.

It seems that the principle obstacle to happiness is adaptation. As quickly as one thing we’ve purchased turns into ordinary and unexciting, the extent of life satisfaction we really feel falls, and we’re compelled to search round for the next purchase. This process is repeated time and again.

Nevertheless, analysis carried out at Cornell College has discovered a approach to break this damaging cycle. Psychology professor Thomas Gilovich has proven that we experience the same increase in happiness after we purchase one thing we need and after we go traveling. However — and here’s an important point — the quantity of happiness we derive from our purchase falls over time, whereas the memories of our touring experience continue to provide us with happiness hormones for for much longer.

Going to varied sorts of uncommon events, happening trips, learning new skills, even excessive sport — all of these are an supreme source of happiness for each one of us. A new machine or even a new automobile will ultimately grow to be just one other ordinary object we own, or will otherwise become old and outdated. Each new memory, on the other hand, turns into a actual source of pleasure that stays with us for our entire lives.

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Based on materials from fastcoexist

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