Test Your Logical Skills Through These Puzzles

we have  collected these puzzles that will surely test your logical skills. Now, sit back, focus, and enjoy!

Note: Answers are provided below.


#1: Can you tell how many holes are there in this shirt?

#2: How many watermelons are in this picture?

#3: How many squares are there in this photo?

#4: How many numbers can you see in this photo?

#5: Here is a number with digits created with matchsticks. It’s the highest number you can probably make with this set of matches, and your goal is to get the lowest conceivable number after you eliminate any three matchsticks.



#1: We can see the background through the holes on the t-shirt. And the t-shirt has two layers. So, there are FOUR holes in it! (Excluding the shirts regular holes)


#3: There are FORTY squares in the picture!

#4: 10 numbers.


#5: 343

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