8 Simple Tricks To Whiten Your Teeth Instantly !!!!!

Everyone wants beautiful and pearl white teeth cause they make you more attractive. Some people try chemical way to get whiten teeth some try other methods and unfortunately all methods they try never give them a satisfactory result.but here we have some effective ways or ticks to get that beautiful and white teeth. so try and make your teeth white and attract peoples.

1. Use Lemon

Lemon is good for many parts of your body as well as teeth also. Lemon hold citrus acid in it. To use lemon for whiten your teeth is 1. chew the lemon but don’t eat it or 2. rub lemon on your teeth for 15 min. and you will get a whiten and beautiful teeth in 15 min instantly. don’t use this method if you have a cut or ulcer in your mouth cause Lemon rich in vitamin C and it can be use as a very good bleaching agent and that cause a horrible echingness in mouth. And if you don’t have these kinds of problem so what are you waiting for go for it.


2. Burnt Bread

Yes! its sounds strange but believe me it works beyond your expectation. Grind the burnt bread or make a powder of burnt bread and add the powder in the tooth paste and brush you teeth for 10 min and then wash your mouth. it will give you a instant whiteness on teeth. burnt bread behaves like charcoal elements and also work like it

3. Lipsticks

Sounds weird Naa!! Like how lipstick will use to white teeth of yours but here we are not talking about which kind of lipstick you use or which brand or how you use we are talking about which shade you use cause if you use colors like orange or yellow which reflect on your teeth and make it more yellowish but if you use mild color like blue which reflect on your teeth and give it some kind of white reflection on teeth.

4. Use Banana


Banana hold some important properties which maintain the teeth whiteness as well as teeth health. Use banana peel and rub it on your teeth for at least 10 min and then leave it and after the period of waiting of about 10 min brush your teeth and wash your mouth. this trick is for whom who had a little bit of white teeth and wonder for how to maintain them.

5. Jewelry

Lots of weird and strange things on our list but they all works and stand on your expectations. Jewelry is one of that Strange and weird things. So how it will work , no need to rub it on your teeth or doing anything. this is just a hack to enhance your look. use silver, blue, or white jewelry attract people and those shines make your teeth look white.

6. Skin Tone

Many people don’t know about this technique. With oil skin, you can create instantly brighter smile tone because of an oil skin direct effect on your teeth.

7. Bronzer

Contrasting you’re tame against your teeth will build an instant image of a brighter smile.

8. Vaseline

Prevent your teeth from stains for several hours by rubbing Vaseline on your teeth.

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