This Tea-Seller Came To Meet Dhoni! What The Cricketer Did Next Will Fill Your Hearts With Respect

Before achieving heights of progress and success, even Dhoni was a typical individual like us. At this moment, he is the pride of India and is doing his best to serve the country with his amazing cricketing abilities. Is MSD will known for his batting, as well as popular for being caring and pure-hearted.

Generally what happens is that people who are popular has forgotten their old lifestyle and keep moving forward, yet no, Dhoni is totally unique. He is still in contact with his old friends companions and has a similar regard for them. For him, friendship is beyond status and over and over, he has demonstrated it

once again, we got the chance to see a splendid case during Kolkata’s Vijay Hazare Trophy match; this time, he met his old friend Thomas, at Eden Gardens Stadiums and his signal was very endearing.

All things considered, when Dhoni turned out from his dressing room, he saw his one of his old friend Thomas standing outside. Need to know who’s Thomas? He is a tea-merchant and has a stall at Kharagpur railway station; when Mahi was a TTE, he would dependably drop into his stall twice or thrice a day.

Dhoni’s heartwarming gesture for Thomas

As soon as Dhoni saw Thomas standing outside, he immediately recognized him and hugged him tightly. Not only this, he also took him for dinner, how lovely!

Very soon the photograph went viral; Thomas was meeting his special friend after 13 years…

This shows that Dhoni still prefers being down to earth in spite of so much success. After this special meeting, Dhoni’s friend is damn happy and now, he wishes to name his stall after the cricketer.

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