The Animal You See First Will Reveal If You’re A Strategist Or A Tactician

Oddmenot has learned that there is a really a huge difference between a strategist and a tactician. Also, being either of the two defines your behavior and emotional reactions in many sides of life.


Now, look at the picture carefully and what you see first will reveal if you’re a strategist or a tactician.

If you saw the CAT first:

It means that you’re a strategist! You observe general ideas and create long-term plans! You ignore details because your viewpoint is more global. That makes it probable for you to quickly evaluate the situation or acquire new knowledge. Your emotions are lively and powerful, but they come and go fast. This world can get you effortlessly, but you won’t be tormenting for a long time!


If you saw the MOUSE first:

It signifies that you’re a tactician. You see the specifics that others can overlook. You are essential when it comes to the execution of a plan. Your scrupulosity will allow you to get equipped for any unforeseen event and to act accordingly. Your feelings are often under control, and it’s hard to upset you. But once somebody does it, you’ll think of it for long. Cover Photo Source:


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