There’s A 99% Chance You Won’t Solve This Puzzle In 5 Minutes. But If You Can, You’re A Genius

We’ve all watched Sherlock and have fantasized about cracking a case. We’ve all watched C.I.D and exclaimed ‘Kucch toh gadbad hai!’ everytime something unusual happened. So to all the budding Byomkesh Bakshys out there, here’s your chance to find some suraag.

The riddle is simple. All you need to do is to find out who owns a fish.

What’s more, we’ll also be giving you some clues just to make your job easier. Ready? Here you go.

It’s damn easy. Just carefully look at the clues. Focus on the colour of the houses.

Co-relate the characters. Draw columns and then segregate them according to what they eat.
Come on! You can do it!


Give up? Pakka? Sure? Okay. Here’s the solution. If this is what your chart looks like, then you my friend, are ACP Pradyuman level genius.

Saare sabooton se yeh pata chalta hai, that it is the MLA who owns the fish. Case closed.

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