If She Does These 12 Things Without Being Asked, She’s Definitely WORTH The Chase

6. She is independent and strong.

She has goals and dreams of her own and she’s not afraid to go after them. She can defend herself during compromising situations and she doesn’t turn to you every single time she’s faced with a problem. She’s a big girl who can take care of herself.

7. She is supportive of your dreams and ambitions.

She knows that you have goals in life, and she never wants to serve as a barrier to your dreams. She is your number one supporter and she would never discourage you from pursuing the things that you’re passionate about.

8. She plays an active role in your sex life.

She doesn’t just lay there and wait for you to finish. She always tries to make an effort to make each sexual experience a memorable one by keeping things fun, lively, and interesting. 

9. She’s a great listener.

Whenever you have problems, you always feel like you can turn to her to help you solve them. She’s more than just a girl you want to date. She is your best friend too.

10. She has no problem introducing you to her friends and family.

She likes you so much that she’s willing to include you in her own social circles. Know that her friends and family are very important to her, and the fact that she’s looking to integrate you within those social groups is always a sign of comfort.

11. She never speaks ill of you whenever you’re not around.

She respects you enough to tell you about your faults and shortcomings to your face and in private. She never does it in the company of other people just to humiliate you. She always wants to be constructive because she believes in your potential.

12. She doesn’t have any emotional baggage.

She doesn’t carry any crosses from previous relationships, and so you don’t have to worry about her not being over an ex. She has had closure with all her past flames and that’s a good sign for the future. Source
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