See How Coolie’s Son Build Up 100 Crore Company With Just 25,000

Today’s  story is of a person who is currently 42-year-old belongs to village in Wayanad, Kerala.

 Today’s story is about a man whose father was a coolie. And mother was never even to school.

A man who failed in class 6th but then joined the National Institute of TechnologyCalicut and the Indian Institute of Management-Bangalore.


A young man who had dream to become special to become an entrepreneur and employ the people from rural India.

As a result of his hard work dedication and thirst to accomplish his gaols,  fresh idli and dosa batter made by P C Mustafa’s company ID Fresh today reach homes in Bengaluru, Chennai,  Mumbai, Pune, Delhi,  Mangaluru , Hyderabad and even Dubai too.

Today, around 50,000 kg is produced in their plant. Revenue produced by the company is 100 crore and The total investment is around around Rs 4 crore .

On scaling up to a Rs 100 crore company in October 2015, we celebrated in grand scale. They started growing from 10 packets a day back in 2005 with only one person managing the kitchen, to 50,000 packets a day with 1,100 employees in 10 years.

Full Story here


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