10 Unbelievable Secrets Behind the Most Famous Magic Tricks Revealed

The word magic has never failed to fascinate us.  Right from the childhood till now it’s a great mystery filled with awe.

Here we Oddmenot are revealing the secrets behind some of the most famous magic tricks. Now it’s time to realize that magic is just the trick that we didn’t know!

Can a statue of liberty vanish?

This is one of the simplest yet a fascinating trick that blew us off guard!  It was performed by David Copperfield in 1893. The statue of liberty itself disappeared!  The trick behind it is, the statue was draped with fabric or it was covered by putting a big screen in front of it. The whole lighting of the monument was turned off except the spot lights.  The spot lights blinded the audience temporary and when the statue was unveiled the audiences were unable to see the statue due to the temporary blur in the vision.

Ever seen a big truck disappearing?

If you have seen a truck vanishing all of a sudden in front of an audience, you would have only seen it on the television.  This is a kiddish trick in which the fake audience is created.  Some special construction is built over the truck. After that, the truck is driven off before the drape is pulled.  Can you now understand why this magic can be seen only on the television?

Man floating in the street!

This magic has never failed to enchant us. How can a man float in the middle of the street in front of our eyes? The reason behind it is the steel structure that is placed in the performer’s clothes.  Of course, now it’s time to come out of the illusion!

1$ turns into 100$

This is the most common trick in which the performer tactfully hides the 1$ behind his fingers and carefully replace it with the 100$. The real trick in this performance is the way he changes the notes in a swift manner without the notice of anyone.

Magic man walking in the water

We would have usually watched this trick in awe when a man walks in the water in a cool way. Just think about this magic once again. You would have witnessed this trick, usually performed in the muddy water, unclear river or swimming pools. This is because an invisible glass or plastic substance is placed underneath so that the performer can walk on it. For us, it is a magic and for the performer, it’s just a cat walk!

Escaping through the chains in the underwater

This trick is very adventurous for us to see. This trick merrily consists of fake locks that are loosened by the assistants.  The performer with his physical strength must pass along the locks with the firm grip so that he can come out and breathe the fresh air.

The torn sign card gets its life back

The magician would ask someone from the audience to sign a card. Then, he would tear the card into 4 pieces and after that, he would bring back the same signed card again.  The trick behind this card is very simple. In reality the magician tears a hidden card he has and safely hides the signed card. He just performs his trick in such a swift manner that we audience fail to notice this activity.

Swallowing a sword!

This is actually a hard trick which needs a lot of physical and psychological preparation. The greater the awe and fascination, the harder the trick! It takes lots of years to perfectly accomplish this trick. The performer must position his head, throat, and stomach in a straight line so that the sword doesn’t hurt him.

Split man trick

Have you ever watched a man cutting his own legs in front of your eyes? Now it’s time to know the truth behind it.  Actually, within the baggy clothes, the plastic mannequin is hidden. It is cut off to have an effect as if the magician is cutting off his own legs.

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