7 Scientifically Proven Ways to Make a Good Impression

When you’ve failed to make good impressions on people in the past, it’s hard not to lose your self-confidence. But it’s not worth putting your life on hold and avoiding meeting new people.

We have put together 7 fail-proof ways to make a good impression on others.

Start a conversation in an elevator

Starting a conversation in an elevator or when taking the stairs to the office is a great way to present a brief version of your résumé. Restrict yourself to 3-4 sentences. The ability to conduct a conversation in a nonformal setting will make you more adaptable to circumstances.

The 3 kinds of handshake

There are 3 types of handshake that you need to know about. Enclosing someone’s hand from above is a sign of power; placing it palm-upward is a sign of subservience. When someone sees another as an equal, their hands are on an equal level. This handshake should be used during a first meeting.

Mix business relationships with your personal life

Share warmth

Don’t be afraid to show your drawbacks

Practice for an upcoming meeting

Work on your image


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