16 Satirical Illustrations Of Today’s Problems Drawn In A Retro Style

John Holcroft is a well-known Artist and  illustrator who has created some some great satirical illustrations .

The  illustrations created by Jhon Holcroft are mainly  focused on the theme highlighting social issues and modern-day problems. These illustrations are quite fascinating and provoke us to think that can lead to change.

The illustrations here targets  social media, big tobacco companies, utility services, and even pop culture icons .

satiric-illustrations-john-holcroft-2 satiric-illustrations-john-holcroft-1 happiness-kit-by-john-holcroft-9-677x637-650x611 happiness-kit-by-john-holcroft-4-677x1323-650x1270 satiric-illustrations-john-holcroft-15 satiric-illustrations-john-holcroft-14 satiric-illustrations-john-holcroft-13 satiric-illustrations-john-holcroft-12 satiric-illustrations-john-holcroft-11 satiric-illustrations-john-holcroft-10 satiric-illustrations-john-holcroft-9 satiric-illustrations-john-holcroft-7 satiric-illustrations-john-holcroft-6 satiric-illustrations-john-holcroft-5 satiric-illustrations-john-holcroft-4 satiric-illustrations-john-holcroft-3

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