Rs 16 Lakh For Just One Post On Instagram: Forbes Announces List Of Top Stars Who Are Building Big Businesses Out Of their Gyms

They are building their businesses out of their personal gyms and social accounts.

They decide what you should eat and how you should workout. They decide what shoes you wear and what fitness band you should pick.

Their each video gets millions of views and earns millions of dollars. Their meticulous diet plans are awaited eagerly. Their pictures, even more so.

We are talking about the reach of social media, how ordinary people like these could created their own businesses and earned big bucks!

Meet top 10 body coaches influencers in the world that were featured in the Forbes magazine…

Cassey Ho
Cassey Ho initially posted her pilates workouts for her students but became popular amongst a much wider audience. The 30-year-old now earns money through books, DVDs, a line of working clothing and accessories.

Lyzabeth Lopez 
Best known for her “Hourglass Workout, Lyzabeth Lopez now runs a successful gym franchise and an online training program.

Jennifer Selter
Jennifer Selter’s chain of social pages has over 11 million followers. The 23-year-old Selter is going to launch a line of workout gear.

Jennifer Selter

She used to work the front desk at a gym.

Emily Skye 

In 2016, Emily Skye was picked as Reebok’s global fitness ambassador.

Emily Skye 

Boasting of her own app, video tutorials and a makeup line, Emily Skye now has an upcoming sneaker collaboration with Footwear giant Reebok.

Kayla Itsines
Kayla Itsines’s app revenue scaled $17 million in 2016 alone. The 25-year-old sells out stadium tours merely in an hour, according to Forbes.

Simeon Panda
Simeon Panda started late in 2013 but now even his single video hits around 600,000 views. The 30-year-old bodybuilder now has has a sportswear line, a gym accessories brand and e-books.

Michelle Lewin

According to Forbes, Michelle Lewin earns around $10,000 per Instagram post. The Venezuela-born bodybuilder has partnerships with a number of brands, a line of supplements and workout equipment.

Natalie Jill

She says, “I kill excess fat for a living.” The 45-year-old Natalie Jill became a star when she started documenting her post-pregnancy weight loss. Besides running video tutorials, the California-resident now boasts of having her own e-books, DVDs, an app and bestselling book.


Rachel Brathan 

Swedish-born Rachel Brathan a minimum of $25,000 per Instagram post and has published a New York Times bestselling book.

Joe Wicks 

Popularly known as “The Body Coach,” Joe Wicks has an audience of five million. His brand is based on diet plans and HIIT workouts.


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