Did You Know A Prostitute Taught Swami Vivekananda Very Important Life Lesson?

Hindu monk Swami Vivekananda was known for his teachings and massive influence that he created on the young minds. His deep spiritual insights, fervid eloquence and charismatic persona, makes people cherish him even after a lapse of more than a century. But, there’s always a first time in everyone’s life. We all have done mistakes or probably goofed up in life and have learnt lessons that will stay with us for a lifetime.

Swami Ji was no exception, he also had a first time when he was introduced to this monkhood. We will take you through a story where Swami Ji had an encounter with a prostitute, and she taught him something he wouldn’t have acknowledged or learned otherwise.

Read the complete story to unveil a new meaning of being indifferent towards something.

The tryst with a prostitute.

We all know Swami Vivekananda as a great ‘Sanyasi’, he taught the message of love, peace, and understanding to everyone. However, did you know that it actually took a prostitute to teach him the meaning of attachment and love?

Swami Ji’s stay in Jaipur.

Swami Vivekananda had stayed in Jaipur for quite sometime before he went to America. When he was in the Pink city, the King of Jaipur had organized a dance festival, and Swami Ji was invited.

Someone else was invited too…

The king invited various people for the big celebration and among them was a very famous prostitute.

King’s mistake…

The King soon realised that it was not right to call a prostitute in the presence of a saint because it can be regarded as something impure or unethical. However, by the time he realized this, it was too late, and he had already called the prostitute to the palace, and all arrangements had been made.

Imperfect and young.

However, Vivekananda was still an imperfect Sanyasi, so he got deeply disturbed by this fact, had he been a perfect Sanyasi, this would have made no difference to him. But, it did.

Swami Ji tried to suppress his desire.

We all have our desires, and Swami Ji tried to suppress his, he locked himself in a room and refused to come out.

The King’s apology.

The Maharaja came and asked for forgiveness from Vivekananda, he didn’t know the minute things that are to be considered while hosting something for a Sanyasi. Not only this, but he also asked him to meet the dancer who was invited.

Swami Ji was nervous.

His nervousness was evident on his face and the prostitute started singing a song as a means of showing him that she’s as normal as he’s and he needn’t have to fear of anything in his mind. It was his lust as a young monk that made him fearful.

Swami Ji’s epiphanic realisation.

He opened the door and greeted the prostitute and also said that the woman has a pure soul and she showed him the true meaning of being indifferent.

Swami Ji conquered his fear.

Swami Ji was confident enough and retrospected the entire incident.

We all must let go of our deepest desires and open our minds to the plethora of new opportunities.

You never know who will help you in the best way possible.


That’s all, people.

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