Posters Asking Muslims To Leave Are Seen In Uttar Pradesh! Is It The Trump Effect?

India’s unity in diversity is the only thing that separates it from the rest of the world. People following different religions, speaking different languages and practising different customs are woven together by the beautiful thread of unity to form the ever so beautiful India. However, recent politics based on communalism and casteism has adversely affected the unity of our nation.

Just days after a landslide victory for BJP in Uttar Pradesh, an incident of communal hatred has left the whole Muslim community of Jianagla, Barielly shell-shocked. Posters asking Muslims to leave the village came up at more than 25 places in the village.

Tension gripped all over Jianagla, a village 70 km away from Barielly, after a group of unknown miscreants stuck posters all across the village asking Muslims of the village to leave immediately. The poster stated that, “with BJP in power in Uttar Pradesh, Hindus of the village would do what US president Trump was doing to Muslims in that country.”

This is how the posters came up and what all happened thereafter.

On Monday, when the Hindus of the village were celebrating the festival of holi, a few posters sprang up that created a sense of insecurity amongst the Muslims. Supposedly the posters were up during midnight when everybody in the village was asleep. They were noticed only on the following morning. Nobody in the village gave any conclusive statement as to who was behind the posters. Have a look at the poster…

The posters were signed by ‘the Hindus of the village’ and under the guardian column is the name of a BJP MP. “What Trump is doing in America, we will do in this village because the BJP is now in power,” the posters said. The Muslims were given time till the end of this year to leave the village.

Rewa Ram, the Gram Pradhan of the village, told TOI, “We slept a little past midnight, and it was only in the morning that we noticed all these posters around the village. We informed police after some residents objected to it.”

This is what the Muslims of the village had to say about this shocking incident.

Jianagla’s total population is around 2500 of which 200 are Muslims. Rafiq, one of the oldest Muslim residents of Jianagla, told TOI, “It was a little past noon on Holi that I found some of the posters, following which I informed the Pradhan. We have been living in harmony for
generations, and do not know who came up with these posters.”

Another resident, who wished to keep his identity a secret, stated, “We have never heard of anything like this in the past. Even though the authorities have assured security to us and action against the guilty, we have been exploring all options including the extreme one of leaving the village.”

Police were quick to react to the objectionable posters and immediately initiated the investigations.

Police registered an FIR against unidentified persons and also detained five youths from the village for questioning. The police and administration have removed most of the posters but a few of them still remain intact on the walls.

Yamuna Prasad, Barielly superintendent of police (rural), told TOI, “We have been rounding up youths in the village who are involved in small-time printing and photostat businesses but we are yet to get anything conclusive.”

This incident has raised a huge question on the coming future of Uttar Pradesh that will remain at the mercy of the Hindutva force. Do let us know your views on this saddening incident in our comments section below.



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