See How He Started From Rs 150 per month, Now owns 1,320-crore Company

Today’s story is about a person who  lives in a small quarter, doesn’t own a car,  but Built a company that is worth Rs 1,320-crore with his hard work, consistency and dedication.

Today’s story is about a man who was born in poor landless farmer house. He belongs to an obscure village of Appanickenpatti Padur in Tamil Nadu.

A person who had no resources, who had to sought government subsidy in order to complete his school and college education.

Thyrocare’s Velumani: today owns, one of the largest thyroid testing company, that boasts of 1,122 outlets across India, Bangladesh, Middle East and Nepal!. He still spends most of his nights at lab though his living quarters are abut the lab in Mumbai.

Thyrocare’s Velumani in the year 1079 started his career as chemist at Gemini Capsules (for a salary of Rs 150 per month), a small pharmaceutical company in Coimbatore. But just after three the company was shutdown and he had to lose his job too. After sometimes he got another  job at Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC) for the post of laboratory assistant which lasted for about  14 years. In between these years he was promoted to the rank of scientist as he had completed his Doctor’s degree.

It was during the year 1996 when Velumani  took the decision to set up his own thyroid testing laboratory with Rs. 1,00,000 from his provident fund, at the age of 37. It was that time when he worked on the business model and offered testing at very affordable rates.

According to the stats on may 2016, Thyrocare is worth 3,377 crore  and has made its debut on Indian bourses! 64% of the stake rest with Velumani which makes him worth ₹2,158 crore!

Thyrocare has been working on developing a  subsidiary to focus on cancer screening through molecular imaging.

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