Which One Is a Woman’s Hand We Can Figure Out Your Personality!

We made this test to find out what your personality is just by choosing which hand is a woman’s hand. Enjoy!

If you choose:

Hand A

Introverted Type

● You aren’t someone who has a lot of confidence so you don’t tend to show your true self to others easily.

● When you love, you tend to be dependent and impatient.

● You are caring for others.


Hand B

Considerate Type

● You are kind and friendly to everyone.

● You’re understanding and considerate.

● You’re very trustworthy and a good listener.


Hand C

Realistic Type

● You are self-centered and have great self-esteem.

● You are ambitious and reach for your goals that you set for yourself.

● You need to work on listening to others.


Hand D

Free Type

● You tend to procrastinate and cram often.

● You never panic in any situation.

● You cope with any situation in a calm manner.



Hand E

Great Observer

● You like to watch and scan your surroundings and situations.

● You tend to be obsessive.

● You make lots of plans and are very meticulous.


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