People Are Going Nuts Solving This Puzzle, Now It’s Time To Test Your IQ!

Challenging riddles and puzzles excite our brains.

If you are one of those people who enjoy working on puzzles and do not rest unless you have the answer, here’s a tricky one for you. This IQ test is prepared by Mensa International, UK.

Try it.

This circle is missing something. What is it?

I see a question mark there. What number out of the given options should replace it? 10,8,5,3, or 2?

Someone said 5!

Are you sure, it should be 5 there?

Oh come on…you don’t need a calculator for it!

It is an IQ test, not an algebra problem!

So, you came up with 10?

Nops, keep trying…

Are you done scratching your head?

It is not 5, it is not 10. Then what is it?

Here’s a hint…

Take this hint. Don’t have an answer? I cannot wait.

Here’s the answer…

The answer is 2. Here’s how:

Look closely at the series. The sum of the numbers in each slice of the outer ring makes a place in the next slice of the inner ring. For example, the sum of 4 and 2 in the slice having a question mark is 6 and is displayed in the inner ring of the next slice, moving clockwise. You got it!

Go on, challenge your friends and test their IQ.

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