Not only the Burj Khalifa, there is much more to be shocked at Dubai, see these pictures in


Many Hollywood movies make us feel unbelievable, We think that there will not really be such buildings. they must have used good computer graphics. But for the people of Dubai, scenes in Hollywood movie ” buildings ” look very ordinary, they are use to the great and awesome building they see in their daily life. The rest, there are many such things in Dubai that people from other countries will probably not be able to believe.

Today Oddmenot will show you some similar pictures of Dubai that you will find amazing and incredible. You may also regret a bit after seeing them that you are not the Sheikh of Dubai.

1. View from ground, this scene looks incredible.


2. View of Dubai from the top View of another world.



3. Jeep in Dubai also belongs to ‘King Size’.



4. If you do not like traffic, this way you can cross the city crowd.



5. Dubai police deals with petroling trains like Bentleys, Ferraris, and Lamborghinis.



6. From Dubai’s Vending Machines you can buy chocolate instead of gold.



7. Gold, the people here are some of the most beloved.



8. People of Dubai prefer cheetahs instead of cats.




9. And those cheetahs seem less dangerous, they raise tigers.



10. Here entertainment is also different. For example, in the racing of Dubai, camels do not run humans, robots run.



11. For those who have lost money, food is kept in the shelves of local markets.



12. Those who have enough money for them, there are several ways to spend it, as they can order dessert gold along with sweets, which costs $ 1000.



13. There are also hotels, where the walls are replaced by the Aquarium.



14. You will also want to play tennis at such a height from the ocean once.



15. Surfing is a different fun here.



16. When the temperature exceeds 50 ° C, skiing can also be visited in this biggest mall in the world.



17. Here also is a loyal white horse, which drinks grass instead of food, oil.


Dubai is a place where these things are very common. After seeing these pictures, your mind must have been at least once to roam Dubai. After all, there is something in Dubai.

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