The Murder of Angela Lehane

Patrick and Angela Lehane had been married for several years when Patrick had to go away for three months for work. When he returned home, Patrick decided he wanted to surprise Angela, so he walked into their home, announced his arrival, looked around the house, and found his wife in the bedroom. Hoping to catch the surprised look on her face, he snapped the picture above.

Angela acted happy to see him and wrapped her arms around him. She suggested that they go out for dinner, so she got dressed and they went to a nice restaurant before returning home for a lovely evening. At the time, everything seemed perfect to Patrick and he was happy to be home. But the next morning, Patrick got up, and looked at the picture of his smiling wife from the night before. He picked up his gun, and he shot his wife to death.

The police charged Dennis with first degree murder. The prosecutor demanded for the death penalty for the motiveless and cold blooded murder. Patrick claimed there was a motive and he didn’t plan the murder. He simply snapped. Therefore, he should only be guilty of second degree murder and get life in prison. He gave this picture as evidence. Can you figure out why Patrick is guilty of second degree murder and not first degree?

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