Meet 21 Year Old Ayesha Aziz, India’s Youngest Pilot

Ayesha Aziz was all of 16 when she got licensed as a pilot.

Ayesha always wanted to do something challenging and unconventional. “More than being India’s youngest pilot, I am happy for having accomplished my childhood goal,

she epitomised courage, diligence and perseverance to follow a dream, on getting a student pilot’s license in 2011 while she turned the country’s newest student pilot at 16.
But hola peeps, since she’s currently seeking to get to be the Indian lady to travel a MIG 29 fighter-jet at Russia’s Sokul airbase.
At the same time when conservatives leap at every chance to stop women’s independence, the daughter of the entrepreneur from Worli, Aziz, did difficult to make her wings.

“The first time I flew an aircraft with my parents on board, the greatest feeling I had was of independence … a sense of liberation,” says Aziz, who graduated in aviation from the Bombay Flying Club last year.

To date, she’s flown simple-motor plane for 200 hours on her instruction. Aziz breaks her father with her achievement.
“I’ve generally thought that enquiry and understanding are secrets to individual improvement. I’d to become a part of the procedure, If my child had a dream hat was possible” says Abdul Aziz, who’s married to a Kashmiri.
Like a kid, Aziz might accompany her mom to travel to Srinagar by air.” pilots fascinated me. My fascination just elevated and that I eventually arrived up at Bombay Flying Club when I was raised,” says Aziz.]
When news of her becoming the youngest student pilot was splashed across media platforms many celebrated,  but several naysayers, particularly the conservatives in Kashmir, criticized her.

“A Muslim girl without hijab, not a perfect profession for a Kashmiri girl” and similar disapproving comments were hurled at her.

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Some Lesser Known Facts About Ayesha Aziz

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