Is it a Murder or Suicide?

hello, awesome readers! thanks for the warm response you have been providing us on our Riddle Category. Looking at your interest we are here again with an amazing riddle. Only sharp minds can solve these riddle. Let’s find out if you have sharp mind!!

When watching detective movies, you probably guess the criminals’ names before the detectives do, exclaiming, “Come on, it’s easy!”

This is why our team invites you to test your logic by solving this puzzle. Learn right now whether you would have been a good detective.


Here is a picture of a death scene. Can you look at the image and tell if it was a murder or suicide?

Is it a Murder or Suicide?

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Got into thinking!! Can’t come with correct answer instantly !  don’t you worry! we are here to help!

Well if you still haven’t come up with answer ! here it is !


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