Hungry Beggar Asked Shah Rukh For Food! What He Did Next Proves Why He Is Called King Khan

If Amitab is called the ShanSha of Bollywooed, then Shah Rukh Khan rules the Bollywood industry mostly known as the  King Khan. This name is not only due to his hard work of giving us wonderful blockbuster movies, but for nice and  a soft hearted person he really is.  and he seems to be quite helpful to the needy always!

He is always seen to help the needy, these are not my words but recently King Khan has been in the news for helping a needy person.  After having a delightful dinner with Anand L Rai, Shah Rukh when walking for his car was asked for food by a hungry handicapped beggar.

SRK’s heart melted instantly kept his hand on beggar’s head and asked one of his body guards to provide the man with food. Watch The Video:

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