Humans Look to Colonize Habitable Planets of This Newly Discovered Star System

You will be surprised to know that Scientists have discovered a new planet system that supports life. This discovery has been made by Astronomers recently. The distance is just 39 light years from us.

These planets which support life revolves around close by a dwarf star called ‘Trappist-1’. The fact that life can exist there is based on the promising signs of having water in the newly discovered system.

Out of the seven planets discovered three of them are most likely with the perfect condition and they may already have life present on them as per scientists.

Scientists say that within few years they will have vital information gathered about the presence of life on these planets. The signs of life are promising on these planets. The size of the planets is quite similar to that of earth and has   all the crucial atmospheric conditions to have a life.

A New Star System

Climate model of the new system suggest that the inner planets i.e. 1b, 1c and 1d might be too hot for water to exist on them. 1h is an extremely cold planet.


The Star

A New World

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