Girl Forces Pizza Boy To Come Inside Her House! What Happens Next Is Beyond Imagination!

you may have interacted with Pizza boy many times, right? Often, we order a pizza, the boy delivers it, takes his money and go back to work. Yes, this is their work! Pizza boys are less interested in coming inside the house and having personal interactions.

However, in this short film by The Short Cuts, things are showed different. A girl orders a pizza just before having a bath. She orders 2 medium sized margharita pizzas;  You might be surprised why is she ordering 2, when she is alone, watch this video completely and wait for the TWIST in the end.

when she comes out from her bathroom, the door bell rings. It is a pizza boy but once again you might be curious, as to why you don’t see a pizza in his hand; but wait for the TWIST as we said earlier. She forces him to come inside her home, even though pizza boy refuses. She keeps insisting and finally he has no option but to enter the house.

What happens next is beyond your imagination. Want to watch the video? Here it is…

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