Forbes List Of The World’s Wealthiest Billionaires Is Out! Bill Gates Continues To Rule The World!

Forbes Magazine has updated the list of world’s richest billionaires and has some surprising additions to the latest update. Bill Gates, the Microsoft owner, continues to be the world’s richest man with an estimated wealth of around $86 billion. However, the most sensational name in the list remains to be of Facebook’s founder Mark Zuckerberg, who is the youngest amongst the top 10 billionaires aged just 32

The Forbes list consists of a total of 2,043 billionaires with a total net worth of $7.67 trillion. United States continue to be the house of billionaires with 8 of the top 10 richest men and a total of 565 billionaires hailing from the US. The other two include a Mexican and a Spanish billionaire.

Charles Koch and David Koch are the other notable names in the top 10. They are both brothers who run the Koch Industries. They both together have made Koch Industries arguably the largest privately held company in terms of revenue.

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Here is the full list of the top 10 billionaires of the world along with their estimated net worth.

10. Michael Bloomberg (Net worth: $47.5 billion)

9. David Koch (Net worth: $48.3 billion)

8. Charles Koch (Net worth: $48.3 billion)

7. Larry Ellison (Net worth: $52.2 billion)

6. Carlos Slim Helu (Net worth: $54.5 billion)

5. Mark Zuckerberg (Net worth: $56 billion)

4. Amanceo Ortega (Net worth: $71.3 billion)

3. Jeff Bezos (Net worth: $72.8 billion)

2. Warren Buffett (Net worth: $75.6 billion)

1. Bill Gates (Net worth: $86 billion)

India too has quite a few achievements to be proud of. India has the world’s fourth highest number of billionaires and is home to 101 billionaires. The list of Indian billionaires is topped by Reliance Industries chief Mukesh Ambani with a net worth of $23.2 billion. The list also includes four Indian women.

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Here is the full list of the top 10 richest Indians listed as per their global rank!

250. Gautam Adani (Net worth: $5.8 billion )

182. Sunil Mittal (Net worth: $7.5 billion)

166. Uday Kodak (Net worth: $8 billion )

159. Cyrus Poonawalla (Net worth: $8.1 billion)

133. Kumar Birla (Net worth: $9.5 billion)

102. Shiv Nadar (Net worth: $12.3 billion )

84. Dilip Sanghvi (Net worth: $13.7 billion)

72. Azim Premji (Net worth: $14.9 billion )

56. Lakshmi Mittal (Net worth: $16.4 billion )

33. Mukesh Ambani (Net worth: $23.2 billion)

There have been many new comers from India with the Paytm and Patanjali Ayurveda owners leading the list. Demonetisation has been the biggest game changer for India billionaires.

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The list yet again proves that the world is after technology with most of the world’s top billionaires earning mainly through Internet. Do let us know your views about this list of world’s billionaires in our comments section below.

Article Source: Forbes

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