Double Exposure Tattoos by Polish Artist Andrey Lukovnikov

Well you may be familiar with  Double exposure photography ! but what do you thing about  double exposure tattoos? Wroclaw-based Polish tattoo artist Andrey Lukovnikov has been doing that! Have a look at some of the most gorgeous pieces of arts.
double-exposure-tattoos-andrey-lukovnikov-7 double-exposure-tattoos-andrey-lukovnikov-19-1 double-exposure-tattoos-andrey-lukovnikov-17 double-exposure-tattoos-andrey-lukovnikov-2-1 double-exposure-tattoos-andrey-lukovnikov-5 double-exposure-tattoos-andrey-lukovnikov-1-1 double-exposure-tattoos-andrey-lukovnikov-16 double-exposure-tattoos-andrey-lukovnikov-9 double-exposure-tattoos-andrey-lukovnikov-15 double-exposure-tattoos-andrey-lukovnikov-14

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