Diwali Festival Drawing With Oil Pastels At Home

Diwali is no doubt one of the most joyful festival for all Hindu community living across the globe, as it is called the event of lights. To make this occassion even more enjoying we have come up with an amazing art idea !

Yeah you guessed it right ! This Diwali is dedicated to drawing ! don’t be afraid its easy and doesn’t require any qualification! Even kids can do best by just watching our oil pastel drawing techniques !

You can use these oil pastels drawing for your kids school competition for pictures at Diwali. Most of the children will make images painted with water colors, but bring a drawing with oil Pastels will for sure be a unique thing among all the Deepavali pictures . And The best thing you can do all this at your home.

 Diwali Festival Drawing With Oil Pastels At Home

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