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1. Prison break

Three prisoners intend to escape from their cell. To get out, they climbed onto each other’s shoulders, but the one on the top is still a few inches short of the window. What should they do to escape?


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Hint:  it is important to notice the prisioners ! 


Well if you still haven’t come up with answer ! here it is !


The tallest prisoner should climb on top of the others. He has the longest arms and will be able to reach the window.

Question#2 Who is the Killer?

In the picture you will see a crime scene in which a woman is murdered in the restroom of a restaurant. Can you look at the picture and find who the killer is?

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Number 3: The woman seems to be the killer as she is the only one who can enter the woman’s bathroom or Ladies restroom.

Question #3 : Murder or suicide 

Is it a Murder or Suicide?



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Question #4 Click on image to see the answer!


There are a number  of solutions –


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Question #5 For answer click on image

Question# 6: Can you solve this

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