DIY Mobile Cover – Make Phone Case at Home

Welcome to another DIY video from our channel Oddmenot Crafts. After receiving a warm response on our videos we are here with another exciting video ! Everyone has mobile phone now a days and i am sure each mobile phone has cover too. You can buy phone case for your mobile but that’s what everyone does! Do you want to have a phone case that is unique and made with your own hands at home.

We if you are looking for an amazing unique mobile cover DIY video ! you are at right place. In a few really simple steps you can create an amazing phone case at home by just watching this video. All you need for this video is !!

  • Simple transparent mobile cover,
  • transparent plastic,
  • scissors to cut
  • hair straightener machine.
  • and paper  and glitters.

For full details here is the video you should look at.

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We know success can’t be achieved in a single day. Its needs hard work and dedication!  These videos may not be perfect but the good news is we are improving each and every day!

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