Can You Spot 6 Differences in These Two Pictures?

Can You Spot 6 Differences in These Two Pictures?


watch the video for solutions.

Here are some more images to spot the differences.

I Bet You Can’t Spot The Differences In These two Images. Can You?

Spotting the differences between couples of photos is a most loved game. It is something we are enjoying from our childhood. Do you remember solving the puzzles in every newspaper in the morning ?

Well, if you thought that those days were beside you, you are wrong.Because here we have some photos today that requires to spot the differences,just we did before. But it doesn’t means that it is got easier cause we did it in childhood days.

So go ahead, and try to spot the differences, and see if you still got it in you!

1. Come on let’s start with an easy one…

2. Time to increase the level. See if you can spot the difference in this one!

3. Ah ! Mona Lisa. This one should be tough for you .

4. Now you all have been warmed up, this one should be a cakewalk!

5. This one would not take more time…

6. Quite obvious, this one!


7. This last one, however, it could take a while…

Here is the solution of first image.

Here is the solution.

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