Brilliant Logic Puzzles To Give Your Brain A Crazy Workout

When you have some free time, it’s hard to resist watching some television or spending time on social media. Basically, anything to avoid using your brain! There’s no shame in relaxing with something undemanding every once in a while.

That being said, it’s nice to challenge yourself every once in a while, too. Just as you should exercise your body to stay strong and healthy, you need to treat your brain like a muscle that requires as much training as anything else!

That’s where these challenging logic puzzles come into play. Take as much time as you need on each of them to give your brain a workout!

1. Four criminals, all facing the same direction, are on a few steps in a line. The fourth man is separated from the other three by a wall. Because of this, the first man can see the second and third man in front of him, the second man can only see the third man, and the third and fourth men can see no one.

Each criminal is wearing a hat, but they don’t know which color their own hats are. They are told, however, that there are two black hats and two white hats among them. They are instructed to shout out their hat colors once they’ve figured out which color it is.

They also have been given rules: They may not move or turn around at all, they may not speak a word to each other, and they must not take their hats off at any point. Assuming they all follow the rules, which one of them is the first to speak up, and why?

Answer: After taking some time to think about it, Man 2 is the first one who yells out the color of his hat before anyone else. Did you guess correctly? There’s a rhyme and a reason to why this is the answer, of course. So, why is it that he’s the one who speaks first? That’s because the third and fourth men can’t see anyone else, while the first man knows his hat is either black or white because he sees both in front of him.

Man 2 only saw a black hat in front of him. Since he knew that the man behind him—Man 1—could see two hats, that man should’ve shouted out his own hat’s color if Man 2 was also wearing black. (Two black hats would mean that Man 1 was wearing a white one.) But since Man 1 didn’t say anything, the second man was able to deduce that he was wearing a white hat. Hats off to you if you answered this correctly!


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