We Bet You Won’t Go To These Popular Places After Knowing Some ‘Dark’ Facts About Them….

Every piece of land has its own story that may be good or bad, but a horrifying truth can blow your mind. We all love to travel, explore and enjoy the beauty of nature. However, none of us are aware of the true story behind the charm of the scenic locations.

While many people like to know about the history of places their visiting, others just want to enjoy the pleasant and blissful moments. Here are some bitter facts you must know before you plan your next holiday.

1. Dubai, UAE- This is the most popular tourist destination that’s not less than a shopping central which has some of the best architectural premises. However, these attractive looking constructions are build using cheap slave labor from the South Asian countries.

2. Eiffel Tower, Paris- This location is especially attracts the people in love, but has 349 people who committed suicide by jumping off the tower or hanging themselves to death.

3. The Alps, Europe- The most extensive mountain range that lies entirely in Europe has thousands of human bodies buried beneath the snow of this scenic beauty.

4. Ganges River, India- The holy river flowing across India and Bangladesh into the Bay of Bengal is full of human as well as animal bodies and excreta.

5. Angkor Wat, Cambodia- While all the temples of Angkor face towards the east, Angkor Wat faces towards the west that is considered as a direction to death.

Angkor Wat, Cambodia

6. The Louvre, Paris- The artwork of this museum has been stolen from nations that have been captured by Napoleon.

The Louvre, Paris- The artwork of this museum has been stolen from nations that have been captured by Napoleon.

7. Nu’uanu Pali, Hawaii- Here, King Kamehamesha’s military forced Oahu military to jump off the cliff to their death.

Nu’uanu Pali, Hawaii

8. Mount Everest- The Everest is not only full off climbers dead bodies, but also increasing waste matter of more the 50 tons.

Mount Everest

9. Tokyo, Japan- It is rightly said to beware of the bars that offer free drinks to the tourists as they belong to the crime syndicate ‘Yakuza’, that originated in Japan.

Tokyo, Japan

10. Mount Fuji, Japan- At the bottom of this amazing peak is a forest that is known as ‘the suicide forest’, probably for the dreadful reasons.

Mount Fuji, Japan

Now that’s an insane fact-file of the most exotic holiday destinations, isn’t it? Tell us how did you like this piece of information in the comments section below.

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