An Artist Husband Creates A Gian Steel Sculpture to Pay Homage To His Wife

Barcelona-based sculptor Jordi Díez Fernández  has created this wonderful and amazing  sculptures using shiny metal pieces showing his skills and love for his wife. Check out the images for yourself and enjoy the world arts.This sculpture is 6 foot high. Do let us know what you can do for your wife or your loved one!. If you have already done something great please say it in the comment below. This would be great place to show your love from the depth of your heart.

Love is pure and it must be expressed!

jordi-diez-fernandez-celia-freeyork-5 jordi-diez-fernandez-celia-freeyork-4 jordi-diez-fernandez-celia-freeyork-3 jordi-diez-fernandez-celia-freeyork-2


Lets us know if you thing you can do anything for your loved one!

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