9 Easy and Brilliant Ways To Get a Great Posture

There is no doubt that everyone of us would like to have the correct posture, but only few are able to achieve this goal in their life. Some of are lucky enough to have good posture through out their life because they have understood how important it is to have your body look good.

Here we would like to share some of the most amazing tips that will help you to achieve correct posture. Using these tips you will be able to make your back straight and beautiful.

So let’s have a look at these tips in details.

1. Do exercises to improve your posture

We do have time to chit chat with friends for nothing, we have time to play games on mobile and other activities that only waste our time. How about from today you Find some time to do exercises that will help you improve your posture. Just give 10-20 minutes a day  to exercising.Remember to warm up your body parts such as neck, back, shoulders daily if you are office worker.

2. Organize your work place

If you spend most of your time at computer, then you must take care of your workspace, that is to adjust the level of your desk and chair.

3. Hold your phone correctly

The best way to use your phone is to hold it right infron of you, where as for using laptop keep it at a right angle to the table you are sitting at.

4. Install special apps on your gadget

Living in this tech world where everyone uses smart phones , There are many apps, such as Nekoze — it uses your phone’s camera to monitor your posture, and if you start stooping, an alarm goes off to let you know.

5.  How to breathe properly

Breathing is important for our movements and senses. You will breathe more efficiently using your diaphragm, and a beautiful posture will come naturally.

6. Watch your posture at all times.

 Keep track of your posture and keep your back straight —  when working, driving or sleeping.

7. Sit with your back at a 135-degree angle

Remember that when you sit at a proper angle, your back is less strained.

8. Do yoga and train your core muscles

Yoga is good at helping you improve both your spiritual and physical well-being.

9. Learn how to stand correctly

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