Reality Behind The Viral News ‘ Nita Ambani Does Not Use The Cellphone Of Rs 315 Crore’

Mukesh Ambani is known for his prosperity, as he is the richest person in India. He always traps our interest with his great business ideas. There are very few chances when he was seen flaunting his wealth. On the contrary, it is Nita Ambani who is famous for her prosperity displaying skills. But, this time it is about the fake viral news of his costly mobile.

Nita Ambani’s Extravagant Lifestyle

Nita Ambani never misses the chance to flaunt her luxury. Being the wife of the richest man in India, Neeta Ambani starts her day with grandeur. From sipping the tea in a luxurious cup to the no recapped foot wear policy, Nita Ambani always displays her extravagant lifestyle;

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This One Is Fake

Due to her blooming trait, she always captured the attention of media. A few days back her inordinate mobile phone was trending worldwide. The price of the phone was stated as 315 crore. No doubt, it is a shocking price but then again it is Neeta Ambani, so everyone believed the news to be true. However, it turned out to be just a hoax, and it is just a news that brought disfavor to the name of internet media.

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Not That Much Fond Of Gadgets

The hoax was cleared out by the general manager of Reliance Jio Anuj Sharma. The general manager clarified that the news is 0% legit and Nita Ambani does not have falcon supernova apple Iphone 6 pink diamond that worth INR 315 crore or $48.5 million. Moreover he saved so many of us from the rumors that Nita Ambani is very fond of gadgets and she uses the latest as well as the best technology. Thanks for saving so many of us Anuj Sir.

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These kinds of news are militating against the Internet media, as they give the readers the reasons for not believing in internet media. So, these kinds of media sites need to take a little time to find authentic from the fake ones. Moreover, they should stop following any news blindly. Coming back to our readers, let us know about your reactions, use the comment box

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