Personality Test Can You Tell Where Is The Horse Looking

The spinning girl test has been very popular. In line with that personality test, Meow Gag has come up with this one.

All you have to do is look into the image carefully and tell where the horse is looking. Is it directly at you, or sideways? Or maybe both?

If you think that the horse is looking directly at you:

It only means that you are more logically inclined and that the left side is your dominant one. You have a systematic mind, and you can naturally maintain big information inputs. Memorizing dates, phone numbers, and multiple digits is second nature to you. When it comes to living, you are depending on your good judgment and not your feelings.



If you think that the horse’s head is pointed towards the horizon:

This basically means that you are the instinctive type and your right side is the dominant one. You can recall symbols and forms easier than words. It is very probable that you are into music. You wear your heart on your sleeve and because of that; you often suffer in your decision, which you make spontaneously.



If you can “switch” at will, and perceive the horse looking at both sides at the interchangeably:

It only means that your both sides are established at the same level. You are a harmonious person. You reached the perfect balance between intellect and feelings.

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