10 Things We Do Wrong Every Day

In our daily life, there are certain things that we approach wrongly, not that we waste our time with these things but also  get on our nerves. The Good news is, there are certain ways to avoid all the hassle.

Here we bring you 10 things we do every day which are wrong.

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Drinking coke through a straw

Making the perfect fried egg

You can make a perfectly round fried egg without buying any special appliances or gadgets — all you need to do is to cut a ring from an onion and place it inside.

Joining wires together

To make sure electrical wires don’t get pulled apart when stretched, tie a small knot at the point where you connect them together.

Doing a manicure

Refrigerating a drink quickly

Tying shoe laces

Making an ice-cream sandwich

Opening plastic packaging

Folding a t-shirt like a boss

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